What will attendees gain from the roundtable?

  1. Deep-Dive Conversations: With participants hailing from various facets of the auto tech and mobility industries, anticipate discussions that are both in-depth and wide-ranging, shedding light on an array of industry pain points and potential.
  2. Real Connections: More than just swapping contact information, it’s about forging genuine bonds. From budding entrepreneurs to established industry leaders, the roundtable paves the way for meaningful interactions that could evolve into collaborations, investments, or mentorships.
  3. Crafting Tomorrow: A cornerstone of this roundtable is to establish the groundwork for the Auto Tech and Mobility Startups Association. It’s a golden chance for attendees to be at the forefront, guiding the ethos and objectives of this budding association.
  4. Guidance from the Gurus: Whether it’s deciphering complex regulations or grasping market trends, seasoned professionals will dispense their knowledge, offering startups a treasure trove of advice.

“Paving the Path to the Future: One Discussion at a Time” isn’t merely a catchy phrase; it’s a battle cry. It resonates with the essence of unity, beckoning industry peers to unite and carve out the future of auto tech and mobility sectors.

The Roundtable Auto Tech & Mobility transcends a typical event, emerging as a profound revolution. It emphasizes the indispensable role of teamwork in trailblazing innovation. As we steer towards a tech-centric, green future, this roundtable exemplifies the essence of shared visions and dreams. Navigating the route to a sustainable future isn’t about solitary endeavors but embraces the spirit of a collective journey.